Mentrau Iaith Cymru

Promoting the use of Welsh

The Mentrau Iaith are independent and unique organisations, and the exact aims and mission of every Menter varies.

Every Menter Iaith whithin the network share one common goal and that is to promote and support the use of Welsh as a community Language.

Our Charter, co-developed and adopted by the Mentrau Iaith in 2013, underlines the core principles and values that every Menter Iaith shares, and each and everyone of them are committed to act in the interests of the Welsh language in their communities through:

  • Regenerating the Welsh language by regenerating our communities
  • Raising Welsh speakers’ and learners’ confidence to use the language as part of their everyday lives
  • Working in partnership to integrate the Welsh language into every aspect of life
  • Creating and supporting Welsh-medium work opportunities
  • Sharing and promoting the value of the Welsh language with families, children and young people
  • Working with the other language enterprises to support regional and national projects and campaigns