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Exciting New Apps for Parents and ChildrenDathlu'r 'Dolig yn Gymraeg

Join Magi Ann and her FriendsHo ho ho Nadolig Llawen

Magi Ann, a Welsh storytime app has been developed by the Mentrau Iaith in North Wales. These apps have been created to help children and parents read in Welsh. Mae pawb yn gwybod bod Siôn Corn yn gallu siarad pob iaith - gan gynnwys Cymraeg. Cofiwch ddefnyddio'r hashnod #dolig2015 wrth rannu'ch negeseuon.

Follow this link for more information. Ymunwch gyda ni yn ysbryd yr ŵyl!


Y Mentrau Iaith

What do the Mentrau Iaith do?

The Mentrau Iaith network works with families, communities, kids, young people and learners to strengthen and increase the use of Welsh all over Wales.

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Welsh for Business

Support to help you use Welsh in your business

The Welsh for Business project is a free service to help small businesses to introduce more Welsh into all aspects of their work.

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